We are often asked: "Tell us about your student life at the Faculty of law”.

We often not only answer, but also show! The diploma is important, but do you know graduates of which universities work in the Ministry of foreign affairs or the National Anti-Corruption Bureau? No, because not only the diploma shows your knowledge.

At interviews, our graduates tell not only about the number of hours they have listened to from courses, but also about how they:

  • organized 5 events in 5 days
  • looked for a barbecue at 10pm for initiation
  • haggled with sellers of pyrotechnics to buy smoke for football cheaper
  • agreed about shooting a video with Stepan Giga through “friends of friends”

9 out of 10 employers pay attention, to whether a person gets knowledge or experience outside of classical higher education

It will be important for your future boss to know next things:

  • do you know how to work in a team?
  • do you know how to take responsibility for yourself?
  • can you solve problems creatively?
  • do you switch between tasks quickly?

If you are active at the WUNU Law Faculty, you will not only get a diploma, but also not a carriage, but a whole barge of additional knowledge and photos with celebrities that you can also attach to your CV.